Shower Heads Are Better

Why Rain Shower Heads Are Better

When it comes to fittings for showers, bathroom vanities, and baths, Grohe is one of the most reputable brands on the market. These German-made fittings are known around the world not only for their beauty, elegance and innovative designs but for their high quality and excellent workmanship as well.
One of the most sought-after fittings among the Grohe shower head range is their rain shower heads.
Why are rain shower heads better?

More Relaxing Shower

Rain shower heads spread the water pressure out a little bit so that you don’t get a hard stream of water on your skin. High-pressure showers can make your skin itch and become irritated and can end up being more stressful than relaxing.
A rain shower makes it feel like you’re standing in a gentle downpour of warm and soothing water. This provides a revitalising and comforting shower experience that is gentle on your skin and head.
One of the only downsides to this kind of shower head is that you won’t ever want to get out of the shower!

Wider Distribution Of Water

When you shower under regular shower heads, only a small part of your body ever actually gets to be under the stream of warm water, forcing you to constantly move about so that half of your body doesn’t get cold.
Rain shower heads provide a wider distribution of water so that more of your body can be under the stream of water at any given time, providing a more even and comfortable showering experience.

More Classy Look

Let’s face it ‒ a wide rain shower head simply looks better. The juxtaposition of the thin pipe coming out of the wall against the wide shower head provides a satisfying visual contrast that just makes the shower look more classy and elegant.
What’s more, rain shower heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes ‒ whether square, circular, rectangular or oval ‒ allowing you to customise the look even further.
Rain shower heads, especially Grohe ones, just scream luxury, even though they are not any more costly to install than regular shower head types.
Whatever fittings you desire for your home’s showers, baths and bathroom vanities, you can’t go wrong with Lifestyle Ceramic’s range, especially our range of Grohe shower heads. Contact us now for more information!

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