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Basin Taps

At Lifestyle Ceramics, we are exceptionally proud of our basin tap collection. This exclusive collection is made up of a wide range of basin mixers and taps that are imported from premium, luxury international brands such as IB Rubinetti and Kohler.

It is our aim to bring make the very latest in European basin tap trends available to the South African public. And at prices that are still affordable too.

Therefore when it comes to basin mixers and taps, functionality is definitely very important to us. We want the experiences of washing up to be as enjoyable as possible. And good quality basin taps can make this happen.

A Range of Designs

From a design perspective, these taps are an essential aspect of kitchen and bathroom interior design. At Lifestyle Ceramics we only work with the very best international brands to bring you premium products in a wide range of designs.

We understand that everyone has a unique taste, and that’s why our range includes basin mixers that are classic, trendy, modern and arty. So there is truly something for everyone. From extravagant designs to those that are more simple and discreet.

However, if you are ever unsure about which designs will fit your design project, don’t hesitate to get chat to one of our design experts!

Why Invest in Quality Basin Taps?

Between your bathroom and kitchen taps, you probably use your taps at least a dozen times a day. Thus it makes them quite a large part of your everyday life. Therefore you want taps that have good pressure and don’t give you any problems.

If you invest in taps of a high quality, it’s quite unlikely that you will ever have to replace them. The difference of functionality between cheap, sub-par taps and that of high-quality basin taps is huge! Therefore, go with taps that you truly love and enhance your home décor aesthetic to bring harmony to your home.

Get in contact with the Lifestyle Ceramics team today, and order the basin taps of your dreams!