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Shower Taps

If taking a long hot shower is not one of the best parts of your day, then we’re not sure what is. Thus Shower taps and mixers play an integral role in the quality of your shower experience.

Here at Lifestyle Ceramics, we understand the important of a good shower tap design. Thus it is our aim to provide only the very best products in our exclusive shower tap collections. Our expert buyers bring in shower mixers and taps from luxury European brands such as IB Rubinetti and Kohler. Therefore, making luxury international items accessible and affordable to the South African public.

Not only are all the shower taps we bring in absolutely gorgeous, we ensure that each product is extremely practical and functional. In addition, it is up to scratch with international standards.

A Range of Designs

Any professional interior designer can tell you that as obscure as it may seem, a shower tap a very important part of your overall bathroom design aesthetic. If you pick out the right shower mixer or tap, it can really tie your bathroom together, and the one wrong could throw everything off.

Each home owner has their own, unique taste, and we have truly attempted to provide something for everyone. Our range is compiled of a wide variety of different designs. From vintage classic to modern chic, and everything in between.

Too many options for you? Don’t feel overwhelmed! Let one of our expert design professionals help you pick out the perfect shower taps for your bathroom design project!

Why Invest in Quality Shower Taps?

When it comes to any household item, it is always so much better to invest in quality. Subpar shower taps could start giving you issues from the moment they’re installed, while quality taps have the potential to bring you generations worth of happy showers! Invest in your shower experience!

Get in contact with the Lifestyle Ceramics team today, and order the basin taps of your dreams!