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Lifestyle Ceramics provides luxury taps from premium, international brands. All taps are chosen for their quality and aesthetic appeal.

The tap collections provided at Lifestyle Ceramics have all been carefully chosen from our international suppliers. Our aim is to make luxury taps easily accessible in South Africa. We work with brands such as IB Rubinetti and Kohler, both of which are held in high regard for their quality products.

Functionality plays a massive role in deciding which products we bring to South Africa. We want to provide you with  Kohler taps that make your life easier through excellent design and practicality. We aim to provide you with products that use modern technology to provide a premium tap.

A Range of Designs for Both Bathroom and Kitchen Taps

At Lifestyle Ceramics, we understand that many homeowners and interior designers express their personal styles through even the smallest aspects of a home, including both kitchen and bathroom taps! Taps can truly tie a room’s aesthetic together.

While browsing through our online catalogue, you should find an impressive number of tap styles to suit your unique taste. Our expert buyers do thorough research when it comes to Kohler tap designs and trends, ensuring that you have a wide variety of quality styles to choose from.

Not sure what taps will suit your kitchen or bathroom? We recommend that you chat with one of our assistants to help guide you to the perfect purchase for your design or renovation project!

Why Invest in Quality Taps?

While ordinary taps are accessible from your average hardware store for a minimal price, these taps often have issues after a while and can start rusting and leaking. They also often aren’t very much to look at.

Investing in quality taps ensures an enjoyable washing up experience, aesthetic appeal and long-lasting value that you can trust. The luxury taps that we offer at lifestyle ceramic won’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Express yourself and your style through gorgeously designed taps that are designed to last a lifetime!

Get in contact with the Lifestyle Ceramics team today, and order the taps of your dreams!