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Lifestyle Ceramics provides luxury showers from premium, international brands. All shower accessories are chosen for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Is there anything better than a long, hot shower after a stressful day? Especially when the pressure and temperature is just right. At Lifestyle Ceramics, we believe that your shower should be your everyday sanctuary.

To help you create the perfect shower experience, our experts have searched far and wide to bring you only the very best in shower products and accessories. We import from trusted, luxury international brands such as Kohler, IB Rubinetti and Vergio to name a few.

Operating as your one stop shower shop, we provide shower heads, shower doors and even shower taps that will leave guests relaxed and impressed. While style is very important, functionality is the key element that we look to when importing our showers. We aim to make outstanding, international products of impeccable quality accessible to the South African public.

A Range of Luxury Shower Options

While some may think that the bathroom should be solely practical and functional, at Lifestyle Ceramics, we know that’s not true. The bathroom is the perfect room to encapsulate your personal design aesthetic.

This is why it is our mission to provide you with a wide range of luxury shower options. They are carefully chosen using international trends as a guideline, so that you can find the pieces that truly speak to you and your style.

We know that it can be hard to choose when you have so many gorgeous options in front of you. That’s why we recommend talking to one of our specialists that can help you choose the perfect shower for your project.

Why Invest in Quality Shower Products?

Quality bathroom products are an absolute essential. You don’t want a shower that leaks, has bad pressure and rusts do you? For a quality shower experience each time, you need to ensure that you have a quality shower from Lifestyle Ceramics!

Invest in a shower that you adore and that will last a lifetime!

Get in contact with the Lifestyle Ceramics team today, and order the shower p of your dreams!