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Bathroom Butler Grab Handle 300mm

The bold round design of our stainless steel 300mm grab handle is complemented with symmetrical back plates. The grab handle

Bathroom Butler Safety Rail 300 – 392x106x92mm

Made for safe mobility, the 300mm grab rail is compact enough to be installed in any area of the bathroom

Bathroom Butler Safety Rail 750 – 842x106x92mm

The 750mm flush valve is designed to be installed above the toilet, 800mm from the floor for assistance to care

Bathroom Butler Safety Rail 2 Dog Leg 604x106x604mm

The dog leg 2 support has two fixings. The rail, 32mm in diameter for a comfortable grip has a brushed

Bathroom Butler Safety Rail 3 Dog Leg 604x106x604mm

Bent at 45 degree angles, the dog leg 3 support has three mountings and is supplied standard with expansion bolts.

Bathroom Butler Safety Rail For Cistern 842x226x92mm

The 750mm cistern rail, is suited for use in domestic and clinical bathrooms. This rail can be used with the