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Dado London Freestanding Bath

London bathtub offers you everything you would expect from a chic, flexible design. Go classic or contemporary – either way

Dado Gabriella Freestanding Bath

The story of gabriella Gabriella bathtub’s slick, thin rim style is trendy, yet functional. Size (l) x (w) x (h)

Dado Melbourne Freestanding Bath

The story of melbourne Melbourne bathtub offers a unique experience with its creative design, bringing a dynamic energy to any

Dado Vivian Freestanding Bath

The story of vivian Vivian bathtub’s snug and low entry shape is a functional and stylish option. Size (l) x

Dado Rio Freestanding Bath

The rio bathtub, with its striking design and outward angle’s will give you a unique bathing experience without the compromise

Dado Amsterdam Freestanding Bath

Amsterdam bathtub combines two worlds into one. The rectangular shape is softened with curved edges to suit a modern bathroom

Dado Dubai Freestanding Bath

Dubai bathtub is unavoidably striking with its simple and elegant shape. Well suited for any type of bathroom design.  

Dado Toronto Freestanding Bath

The story of toronto Let your guard down in the toronto bathtub. This stunning tub gives nothing but love with

Dado Gabriella Freestanding Basin

The story of gabriella Gabriella basin’s slick, thin rim style is trendy, yet functional. The perfect option for any child-friendly

Dado Vivian Freestanding Basin

The story of vivian Vivian basin’s snug and functional shape is a stylish option for a child-friendly bathroom. Size (l)

Victoria & Albert Vetralla 1500 Freestanding Bath

Simple, deep and double-ended – ideal for modern bathrooms where space is at a premium. Also offered in a larger

Victoria & Albert Trivento Freestanding Bath

A modern reinvention of the classic bateau bath. Featuring a fine rim and deep and double ended bathing well, Trivento

Victoria & Albert Amalfi Feestanding Bath

Softly contoured sides flow gracefully uncluttered by waste pipe work and an extended backrest provides full head support; essential for

Victoria & Albert Amiata Freestanding Bath

The award-winning Amiata collection was designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati. This collection, with its organic curves and elegant proportions, offers

Victoria & Albert Barcelona Standard Freestanding Bath

Inspired by the city famous for its organic design, the Barcelona features opulent curves – perfect for those with a

Victoria & Albert Barcelona 1 Freestanding Bath

Victoria + Albert is pleased to introduce a redesigned Barcelona collection, now featuring improved ergonomics and an intelligently chamfered rim

Victoria & Albert Barcelona 2 Freestanding Bath

Barcelona 2 follows the same design aesthetic as the popular Barcelona Classic bath, but with more compact dimensions. The bath

Victoria & Albert Barcelona 3 Freestanding Bath

Barcelona 3 follows the same design aesthetic as the Barcelona Classic bath, but features a void space underneath for waste

Victoria & Albert Cabrits Freestanding Bath

Contoured to fit the body, Cabrits offers enhanced support for bathers of all sizes. Its special ‘double dip’ design makes

Victoria & Albert Vetralla 1650 Freestanding Bath

A modern bath for a modern bathroom. Vetralla 1650 is deep and double-ended with generous volume. Also offered in a