Wooden Floors

How Wooden Floors Give A Home A Warm Feeling

Wooden floors exist for many years, they are also called “hardwood floors”. Hardwood floors are a timeless look that works well for any kind of decorating motif. Hardwood floors are usually designed in planks, strips, but some homeowners like geometric patterns and wooden floor tiles which are the modern alternative. No other flooring option compares to the classic elegance of hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring comes either unfinished or prefinished. Unfinished hardwood tends to be a little cheaper than prefinished but does require immediate light sanding, staining, and sealing after installation. They tend to need refinishing every 10 years or so to keep their luster. Expect hardwood floors to last the lifetime of the house.

Everyone seems to want them but what makes hardwood floors so special?

You can save some money by removing your old floor yourself and installing the new hardwood floor, too. Hardwood floors provide a neutral background that allows for a multitude of decorating looks. Hardwood floors don’t collect dust and other allergens like carpets do. That makes it a better option for those with respiratory issues and allergies. Also, their colours don't fade and it makes the space look bigger. They reduce hollow sounds or vibrations that often occur while walking on the floor.

It is also warm in the sense of it doesn’t give off as much coldness as tiles do. Tiles can make a house feel rather cold so you would need to consider a source of heating for this. Rather with wooden floor tiles not as much coldness is conducted.

Wood floors not only add a touch of elegance to your home but also a bit of warmth. If you’re thinking about upgrading your flooring, solid hardwoods are a great choice because it creates a beautiful comfortable and warm feeling in the home.

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