Different Bathtubs

Different Bathtubs to Suit Your Bathroom

When you hear about bathroom interior designs, what is the best image of these designs that comes into your mind? A modern, classic, vintage, or contemporary look? These bathroom themes can be represented by bath items and accessories such as the bath, tiles, taps and bath mixers. So, bathroom accessories reflect your attitude towards your bathroom design. Here we will help you to find your perfect bathroom design style.

A bath or shower is an important part of the bathroom. It has a very strong effect on the whole bathroom design. Besides, it is valuable in the home. So, before you choose it, you have to answer these questions to find exactly what you need.

  • What is the size of floor space available?
  • How much space do you have overall?
  • Do you want to save water?
  • Do you prefer a bath or a shower?

Various types of bathtubs suit many different bathroom designs. The standard bathtub is recessed into a wall and surrounded on three sides. There is also a combo type of tub where the shower head sprays into the bathtub. This is another common choice, especially for bathrooms that are too small for a separate bath and shower. Next, the corner bathtub has a single frontal finished side and two unfinished sides that are installed against the walls. Corner bathtubs are typically separate from the shower, but not always. In addition, a drop-in bathtubs, they’re ideal for a custom tub deck. These tubs are surrounded by walls or flooring. All the sides of this tub type are unfinished. A garden tub is the most luxurious option. They’re large, freestanding soaking tubs and usually a bathroom statement piece. You can install a garden tub in a spa-like bathroom where space isn’t an issue. Lastly, the freestanding bathtub is neatly finished on all sides and offers many different designs and details. They’re often larger and more luxurious than other types of bathtubs.

Now you know about the different bathtubs for your bathroom. Next you need to decide on the material. There is fiberglass, acrylic, steel, porcelain-enameled cast iron, or cast polymer. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

In light of this information, choosing a bathtub becomes easier. Start thinking about your needs and take a step toward your favourite bathroom bath design.

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