Patterned Wall Tiles

Plain Or Patterned Wall Tiles?

Choosing the right wall tiles for your home can be a difficult choice. Choosing which colour and style are hard but throw in an interesting patterned wall tile and you could be back to square one.

In this blog, our experienced wall tiles store will look at the benefits of choosing plain or patterned wall tiles for your bathroom, kitchen and anywhere else in your home.

How Do You Want The Room To Feel? 

Before choosing between patterned and plain wall tiles, you need to define what style you want to create in the room and how you want it to feel. Patterned tiles can really help set the tone in a room, but you want to make sure you’re setting the right tone. The styles you can choose from include traditional, retro, vintage, new traditional (modern), industrial or a combination of styles. 

Plain Tiles

Are you a minimalist at heart? You may be more interested in a plain and minimal wall tile. Plain wall tiles don’t have to be boring. Choosing glossy and elegant wall tiles can truly elevate a space while giving it a minimal appearance. Plain bathroom wall tiles can especially add an air of sophistication and instil a calm feeling, which is often sought after in a bathroom. 

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles can help give your space personality, allowing you to explore and show off your unique style. Your space can also benefit from a bold patterned tile feature wall, where the focus is purposely drawn. Depending on the theme of your room, patterned tiles can also give off a quirky, vintage feel that is currently on trend! Choosing a patterned bathroom wall tile can make it look more expensive and add a designer feel to your bathroom. Be sure to look out for unique tiles at the next wall tile sale or special that catches your eye. 

The Ultimate Combination

If you desire a seamless quality in some areas of your house but still want to create a unique style or enhance a specific area, then mixing and matching different tile types may be the answer. With the help of an expert wall tile company, you can balance out a busy pattern with a more sophisticated plain tile. Limit your use of bold patterned tiles to a focal point which can then be surrounded by contrasting minimal tiles. This will allow your special patterned wall tile to be the centre of attention rather than getting lost in a maze of different patterns.

Are you looking to make a splash with an exclusive wall tile design? At Lifestyle Ceramics, we often have floor and wall tile sales and specials where we offer only the best quality tiles to level up your space. Give us a call to find out more about our wall tiles near you today!

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