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Resin Effect Ceramic Tiles

Resin and resin effect tiles, such as those from FAP Ceramiche as stocked by Lifestyle Ceramics, are gaining popularity. Resin has always been used in used in industrial and professional settings, but has not been suitable for residential use.  These new style tiles which have the look of resin but the characteristics of ceramic, are big news in residential homes thanks to their versatility, easy maintenance, and amazing aesthetics.

Resin and resin effect tiles bring together the modern aesthetics of resin with the technical properties of porcelain and ceramic stoneware.  This makes them hardwearing, and perfect for use in humid environments including bathrooms and toilets and kitchens, where they are ideal for splashbacks as they protect walls from splashes, heat and liquid.

Resin effect tiles realistically mimic the smooth and soft look of resin and bring a modern touch to spaces often creating a minimalist or industrial type of feel.

Variety of colours and style

Resin and resin effect tiles are also no longer limited to just plain styles, they are available in a range of stunning decorative patterns and finishes, for example the Milano Mood collection includes fashionable extra matt surfaces and an original repertoire of decorations with brilliant reliefs.

Furthermore, resin effect tiles provide interesting plays of light, highlighting the contrast between polished and matte surfaces.  This allows them to enhance any space, complementing and enhancing existing décor.  

When it comes to flooring options, there are many different colours and shades available from pristine whites, beige and ecru to warmer shades such as taupe and dark grey.  Lighter colours such as white, beige or light grey make rooms look bigger whilst the darker colours make a space more intimate and can add character and drama to the area.

Resin and resin effect tiles are available in a variety of size formats. The larger formats are popular for interiors, especially because they are able to enhance large as well as small spaces.

Advantages of resin style tiles

  • Resin and resin effect tiles are a balanced combination of the look of resin and the technicality of porcelain stoneware, making them a robust material.
  • Resin and resin effect ceramic tiles do not need to be varnished and are able to withstand water and steam, thanks to their waterproof nature and low porosity.
  • Resin and resin effect ceramic tiles are resistant to scratches and wear and tear, making them perfect for flooring, even in areas where there is high traffic.
  • Resin and resin effect ceramic tiles are hygienic and do not favour the growth of bacteria. It is easy to disinfect and is ideal for areas where high levels of hygiene are essential, such as professional kitchens and hospitals.

Lifestyle Ceramics offers an impressive range of resin and resin effect ceramic tiles from leading global suppliers to suit your requirements. Our professionally trained consultants will be able to assist you in making the best choice for your needs.

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