Renovating Your Bathroom

3 Considerations To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Bathroom

After spending the last two years at home due to the health pandemic, many have looked at ways to improve their home’s appearance inside and out. We have realised that not only is comfort important to us, but design matters just as much. 

Now that the world has returned to normalcy, you may be ready to get a move on with some much-needed renovations. But before you begin with your bathroom and hurriedly search for “tiles for sale near me”, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Deciding On The Redo

There may be several reasons behind your renovation plans, but you do need to ask yourself why you want to go ahead with your project. For example. if you intend on selling your home shortly, then you may want to appeal to buyers with soft tones instead of colourful tiles. Or if the bathroom just needs an update, splurge on trendy tiles and finishes to bring it into the 2020s. This can give you a better idea of how to set your budget and help you draw up a project schedule.  

Thinking About Usage 

Who will mostly use this bathroom? If you plan on using your newly renovated bathroom for guests, you need to think about the amenities they will use, such as a walk-in shower. If you hardly have guests over, perhaps a luxurious freestanding bathtub may be the right addition to the space. And if you intend on using your bathroom for yourself or the rest of the family, you need to think about adding practical space such as floating shelves or under sink cabinets.  

Working Out A Budget 

Just like with any other type of renovation project, you need to be realistic with your budget. Before you start looking at tiles and other bathroom finishes, you need to have your finances set aside. If you shop without knowing how much you actually have to spend, you can easily run out of money. 

Perfecting your bathroom should be an exciting process once you have done your homework and are well-prepared to start renovations. When it’s time to start shopping for tiles for sale in South Africa, Lifestyle Ceramics is the top choice supplier. We are your tiling specialists, bringing you beautiful designs and innovative flooring at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. 

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