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For the Home-Latest Trends and innovations in indoor flooring-

Currently, the go to trends are mixtures of wood like plank tiles, marbles and concretes.  Mixed together, one can achieve a variety of aesthetically pleasing looks and different feels.  The most popular finishes are the matt or marble tiles that provide focal points in the home.  When using a combination of shiny and matt tiles, a modern luxurious design is obtained.  To create a real impact in 2019, we recommend large-scale format tiles.  These tiles allow for fewer grout lines which gives the space a more open and calmer luxurious finish.  If you love the wood look, we highly recommend the wood look plank tiles for both bathrooms and kitchens for water damage prevention.  Do not be afraid of using geometric tiles to create a unique finish such as herringbone or chevron.

Are there any important considerations that every homeowner should keep in mind when selecting flooring for their home?

The most durable material with the least amount of maintenance are porcelain tiles.  Larger format tiles will enhance any space, even giving the impression that the space is bigger than it is.  Lighter colours are better for smaller areas.  Keep the flow of their home by using similar colours and finishes throughout.  It is not ideal to select different tiles for each room.

When it comes to maintenance, do you have any advice or tips you can share?

Stay away from products that have ammonia as these chemicals damage the glazing of the tile.  Use only cleaners that are specified for tiles.

Do you have any additional information that you feel is important to mention, please feel free to add:

When designing a floor space, it is highly recommended to use a company that offers a digital preview of what the area would look like prior to making a costly purchase that does not meet your desired outcome.  At Lifestyle Ceramics, we offer a complimentary 3D design of the floor space when purchasing our products.


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