Completed Project

A stunning showcase

Our latest project was a stunning showcase, not only of the Lifestyle Ceramics product offering; but also our consistent valued experiences, for an with our clients.

At Lifestyle Ceramics, we ensure that the complete process of selecting and purchasing a homefinishing product, such as a state-of-the-art Spanish tile, is a joyous and passionate process – but also one that takes into consideration needs, wants and logistics for our clients.

From the moment our clients step through the door of one of our showrooms, or reaches out to us online – a dedicated person from our team is immediately available for a full serviced sales solution. However, what most consumers don’t take into consideration as a part of their service excellence ‘promise’, is the after-sales solutions.

At Lifestyle Ceramics, we’re always proud to be a full service brand for our clients, and what better way to celebrate this than through the completed projects of our clients; their homes, businesses and valued spaces.

Although the business Head Quarters and showrooms are based in Gauteng Province, we offer services and delivery across the country; and continent.

Our latest project comes all the way from Zimbabwe, with this cool finish high gloss flooring: perfectly selected for a newly built home in the heart of Southern Africa. For those blistering heat waves, this finish compliments this beautiful home which Lifestyle is extremely proud to have been a part of!

Tiles that are ideal for extremely hot weather, and dry climates are carefully selected with numerous questions in mind in the phase of discovery when making your selection with our teams. We consider not only the size of the room; which tells us about the airflow, and therefore how cool or warm the room will be, but also what floor level we are working with and what direction the room is facing against the compass. The amount of sunlight greatly affects the heat of the room, and therefore the need for colour and finish consideration. A dark, high gloss finish tile is perfect for keeping very sun-lit and warm spaces cool, regulated and clean. A flooring solution that has an ultrashine coating or finishing is hugely beneficial when it comes to dry climates and high-dust surroundings; they are easier to clean from a dust catchment perspective, and have a stunning finish and shine. The darker colours are also fantastic for rooms that catch a lot of sunlight, especially when keeping in mind a request for the high gloss – shiny surfaces reflect sunlight, and a darker finish mitigates a glare factor. Rooms with less direct sunlight can easily consider a white or cream finish, where a glare in a dining room or TV room space is not going to be an issue.

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