Bathroom Makeover

Your Love For Decorating Doesn’t Have To Stop at The Bathroom Door

Bathroom Decoration

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the bathroom is often the sanctuary as this is where we go to rest, relax and recharge.  It is also the place we go to prepare for the day ahead.  It is therefore so much more than just where we get washed.

It is for this reason that it is worthwhile taking your time to decide exactly what look and feel you want to achieve.  To help you along here are some of the latest trends and tips:


At the end of the day, a bathroom is still a bathroom, and it should be well designed and efficient in terms of the how you use it and what is important to you.  If you prefer bathing place the bath at the centre whereas if you prefer to shower (take a look at the amazing designs we have from Grohe, Hansgrohe, ib rubinetti, Kohler, Wirquin) then focus on a well designed shower that has enough space for your needs.  Make sure there is a flow between key areas to allow for easy movement.


Large, uninterrupted walls of stone, plaster, or concrete have become popular as opposed to more traditional tiles. Slabs are minimalist and create an uncluttered feel, with each object of the design carefully selected for beauty and function. Versace slab tiles offer a variety of striking options.


Choose your hardware such as cupboards, mirrors, shelves carefully to make sure it complements the other features of your bathroom. Hardware offers an opportunity to enhance the design and there are many different options to choose from metals and wood to ceramics.


This is a personal choice – if a bold bathroom is your goal, by all means select colourful bathroom wall tiles, wallcoverings and ornate, over-the-top accessories. However, if you are looking for calm, then a monochromatic colour scheme can help create a peaceful environment.


Lighting is key in a bathroom. In the tub area, chandeliers can add drama whilst recessed lighting, offers a way to bring more light to a space. In terms of natural light, windows and skylights help merge interior and exterior environments.  Privacy can still be achieved by using innovative shades or artistic curtains.


A freestanding tub provides a visual focal point for a room and offers a perfectly relaxing space to unwind. A freestanding tub can also incorporate unusual materials which can add to the overall look and feel of the space. Victoria + Albert offer a range of luxurious and beautiful freestanding bath tubs.

With our Signature Design service Lifestyle Ceramics can turn your dream bathroom into reality.  Check out exactly how this service works here.

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