New Bathroom

Design Ideas for a New Bathroom

It is very important to take care of the design of bathrooms with designs that are suitable for you, whether it is classic or modern. When you decide that the design of your bathroom should be modern, then you could consider warm colours but usually modern bathrooms create a feeling of simplicity and cleanliness.

In order to design a modern bathroom, make sure to use shapes. Geometric patterns and appropriate colours can give you a modern and comfortable look. You can use a rain shower because this modern design gives a sense of calm when you shower and looks beautiful in the bathroom. Framed mirrors that come in a geometric shape can be used on the bathroom wall. Add some small white flowers on the shelves as well to add a relaxed natural feeling.

In addition, storage in the bathroom is a very important element so consider more creative storage methods to get rid of the existing clutter. The modern way is having hidden storage in places such as the wall cavities. Floating shelves is also very popular.

When it comes to choosing the tiles for the floors, add some style in the bathroom. You can combine the sophistication of the feeling of marble and wood-like tiles to give you a beautiful bathroom without compromising the elegance. Materials can be mixed in many ways to create an eclectic look.

To create a warm and comfortable space, tile the wall with a marble-like ceramic tile which has a white base and light grey veins to complement the light bathroom pieces. Then balance the colours with the dark shade in the mosaic tiles in between on the wall, in order to create a visual contrast. The floor tiles should also suit the design chosen considering so that the bathroom has that contemporary look.