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Hansgrohe More Than Just Beautiful

Basin Tap

Water is a precious resource, and this is even more the case in South Africa as we are a water scarce country. It is for this reason that when designing a new bathroom or kitchen aside from the aesthetics, one should also consider how efficient your taps and fittings are.  Using a brand like Hansgrohe that provides innovative designs such as their EcoSmart range, which focus on efficient water consumption should be an obvious consideration.

Innovative sustainable solutions

Hansgrohe kitchen and bathroom fittings do more than just look good – they also help save water. Encased within every sleek design is the height of eco-friendly innovation that can save up to 60% on water and energy consumption. They are not only sympathetic to the environment, protecting our most precious liquid resource, they also ensures that, in the long-term, energy costs are kept to a minimum.


Regulator valves and pressure compensation flow restricted aerators ensure that not a drop goes to waste. Water consumption is seamlessly reduced to 9 litres per minute on overhead and hand showers and Hansgrohe taps use only 5 litres of water per minute.

The hidden treasure within Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart range drastically decreases hot water consumption, consequently lowering CO2 emissions but maintaining a constant flow rate – even at different water pressures. And even with its low flow rate, you are still treated to a luxuriously full, bubbling jet of water thanks to targeted air flow.

The EcoSmart aerator is built into the spout of the basin tap and enriches the water with air. The result: a full, bubbling jet of water; a precision elastomer that delivers a powerful water jet, even when the water pressure fluctuates.

Easy to install

All Hansgrohe taps and showerheads are designed to be easy to install with their strikingly simple but sophisticated design making them a design feature in any kitchen and bathroom. Performance and constant flow enhance the sensual pleasure of interacting with these marvels of eco-friendly design and every component used in creating Hansgrohe products is of the highest quality.

Lifestyle Ceramics stocks a wide range of Hansgrohe fittings and our staff will be able to advise on the perfect solution for your needs.  Choosing a Hansgrohe fitting is the perfect choice for you and the environment.

Hansgrohe – sustainable by design!

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