Why Everyone Is Switching To Slab Tiles

Is bigger really always better? When it comes to tiles, we think so! Recent online and social media trends show that people are searching for slab tiles for sale. But why is that so, and what are slab tiles?
To put it as simply as possible, slab tiles are just larger-than-life tiles that produce less waste and have a luxurious aesthetic. Slab tiles are generally greater than 750 x 1500 mm in size, and we even stock tiles that go up to 1500 x 3000 mm. So let’s delve into why people are making the change to slab tiles and why you should too.


These tiles can literally be used anywhere around the house or office, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even reception areas. Picture a giant slab tile with a thin sheet of glass as the backdrop of your white bathroom tub. Imagine cooking your favourite meal on your massive polished marble island with a built-in stove and oven.
Slab tiles come in various colours, shades and textures, such as marble, stone, concrete and metal, which can be finished with gloss, matt, metallic and polish. Due to their size, these tiles can also be cut to meet your specific needs wherever you want them ‒ floor or wall.
Have a look here at some breathtaking examples, if we do say so ourselves.


The big slabs open up any room and give the impression of wide clean spaces with their glistening shine. Not only do they give the appearance of being squeaky clean, but they are also easier to clean.
Practically, due to the fact that there are fewer or crevices like their smaller counterparts, this makes them better to sweep with a soft broom or wipe down with a soft cloth. There’s also less space for dirt to get its way into.
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