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Things To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Tiling your exterior can make a massive difference to its aesthetic appeal and functionality. If you’re wondering, “Where can I get exclusive outdoor tiles near me?” then you’re in luck. As outdoor tiles experts, we have exclusive outdoor tiles for sale in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing your exterior tiling options. 

Consider The Design Of The Rest Of The House 

The aesthetic is one of the first things to consider when picking a good tile. The look and feel of your house, the interior design, and the kinds of tiles used inside must be carefully considered when choosing outdoor tiles. 

They should match in terms of colour and texture so they don’t clash. Choosing the wrong kinds of tiles can look tacky and can result in the need for expensive retiling. If you're unsure, it is best to ask for the advice of outdoor tile experts like our team at Lifestyle Ceramics. 

Consider The Amount Of Sunlight That The Area Gets 

Is your outdoor area well-shaded, or does it receive a lot of sunlight? 

A heavily sunlit area could become blinding if bright tiles were to be used, for example. On the other hand, dark tiles or tiles made from certain materials could absorb too much heat and become too hot to walk on. A well-shaded patio might benefit from lighter tiles to brighten the area up, whereas dark tiles in a very well-shaded area could make it feel dingy and depressing.

Consider What The Outdoor Area Is Being Used For

Is the outdoor area you want to tile receiving a lot of foot traffic? Is it around a swimming pool? Is it a braai area or a patio where you will have lots of meals? Will cars or bikes be parked there? Will there be furniture on it?

If it is going to be an area where people frequently eat and drink or braai, then you should choose tiles that can be easily cleaned and that do not easily stain. Certain stone or clay-style tiles must be regularly resealed to prevent permanent oily stains from all the splatter, so choose carefully.

Consider How Wet The Area Will Be

Outdoor areas that are often wet ‒ such as around a swimming pool ‒ might be best suited to a nonslip tiling option with some grit, particularly to help prevent injury to children and the elderly.

Moreover, different tile materials have different water absorption rates. Tiles that absorb and retain water might freeze in winter and crack. Therefore, highly absorbent tiles might not be appropriate in areas where they are likely to be exposed to significant amounts of water.

Consider If The Area Is Primarily For Walking Or Sitting

If you want furniture in the outdoor area, you need to pick somewhat smooth tiles. Rugged and jagged tiles might be more appropriate for walking and provide better grip, but they are not appropriate for placing furniture upon as it is uneven. 

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