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Transform Your Home This Year With These Outdoor Tiles

The new year is known to bring new opportunities and memories. For property interior and exterior design enthusiasts and professional designers, it also brings a wealth of new inspiration and trends to bring to life.

Outdoor tiles, while often overlooked, actually play a major role in the aesthetics of a property's exterior and brings together the property’s overall experience. We’ve analysed the top outdoor tile trends leading into 2023 to give you on-trend inspiration for your next exterior design project.

Large Stone Slab Grids

Nothing looks quite as timeless as oversized stone slabs, especially when creatively placed to create a checkerboard grid that can be filled in with textured stones for some more textural appeal.

We suggest sticking to grey, traditional stone colours for these slabs as these will provide the perfect foundation for any patio decor furniture ‒ especially of the more organic variety using mango wood, oak, rattan and more. While furniture trends change frequently, these stone slabs are a great investment for long-term usability both in quality and in design relevance.

Wood-Look Porcelain Tiles

If you’re looking for a tile that feels warm, natural and inviting, then wood-look porcelain tile are a durable, practical and pleasing option to consider. Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for property owners because of its many benefits such as being scratch resistant, stain resistant, strong and easy to maintain. These outdoor tiles will inspire feelings of groundedness, depth and comfort due to their natural quality. 

Crush Stone

Crush stone is becoming an increasingly popular trend as we head into the new year. It’s been taking the scene in many areas such as countertops, decor and more ‒ and it’s also made its way into the outdoor flooring scene. 

The speckled stone appearance creates an environment that feels uplifting, modern and high-end. This flooring is best paired with outdoor furniture that contrasts in colour, creating an organic balance. Crush stone is a fantastic affordable alternative to marble or granite flooring, giving you all of the style at a fraction of the cost.

Looking For More Outdoor Tiles?

Need more inspiration? Our range of outdoor tiles is on-trend, affordable and of the best quality. Browse our collection, or contact us if you’d like some assistance choosing the best outdoor tile option for your property.


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