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Floor Tile Inspiration For 2023

The year has come and gone, and 2023 beams ahead. With the new year generally comes inspired ideas on how to improve your sacred space: your home.

Floor tiles have the ability to breathe new life into any room. They are literally the foundation upon which your friends and family will walk on. We know that it can be daunting when you Google “floor tiles for sale” to be faced with thousands of options.

We have decided to make your life easier by providing you with Lifestyle Ceramics’ floor tile inspiration for 2023 based on the beautiful trends we saw this passing year.

Versace Carbon Matt

Coming in as our favourite is this magnificent statement piece: the Versace Eterno Carbon Matt. Using these floor tiles as the entrance to your property will surely occupy your guests’ eyes and minds. It is truly something to behold! If you are looking to impress, this is the best dress for your floor. 

Anti-Slip Outdoor Tiles

Floor tiles' price is not the only thing that should be considered when purchasing; consider their use. A lot of people are unaware that floor tile stores sell anti-slip outdoor tiles. Anti-slip tiles should be your only choice for around the swimming pool or anywhere outside that could result in an accident. 

A lot of accidents could be avoided when the children are playing around the pool. Not only are they useful in this regard, but they are visually appealing as well. Check out this anti-slip outdoor floor tile, which is also currently on sale.

Wood Tiles

Wood tiles don’t have to be the same old traditional use every time. Consider buying wood floor tiles and be creative with them. Consider this example where they have used the tiles to create a chevron pattern ‒ almost an optical illusion played on the eye.

If you are looking for floor tiles for sale near you, check out our tiles selection and request a free quote today! We at Lifestyle Ceramics are industry leaders in South Africa, always supplying top-quality products at the best price. We would love to assist you in crafting your dream floor.


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