Floor tiles

What You Need To Know About Floor Tiles before Buying Them

Floor Tiles

If you’ve decided to revamp your home – taking the time to research and look around for some modern, trendy, durable floor tiles for sale options that will ensemble your style and budget. Not all floor tiles are made of the same materials so the costs will vary. With countless floor tile options available, not all of them can suit your requirements.

They come in a variety of categories from porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, unglazed matt, wooden floor tiles and so much more to choose from. Think of the style of your home and try working with the space you have. Here are a few things you need to know about floor tiles before you buy them.  

Room Size

Large tiles make a room feel airier and bigger. Floor tile sizes are one of the most important aspects, if you’re looking for tiles for larger rooms, you should choose a big/massive tile. Big tiles are also suitable for medium-sized rooms, as large tiles do make spaces feel bigger than it is. In your smaller rooms, always use lighter – colour tiles; it will make your space feel bigger and more spacious. 

Anti-Slip Tiles

An important factor to consider is water-resistant floor tiles. If you are looking for flooring options in areas like your kitchen or bathrooms – choosing a tile that provides enough grip will come with anti-slip features. A polished porcelain or gloss finish tile is slipperier than a natural finish or a matt glazed tile. Any tile may be used on any indoor floor without a building regulation leaving it up to you to choose an appropriate tile in terms of design and style based on the practical information available.

What Colour Tiles to Choose

Choosing the right colour plays an important role in your tile selection. Lighter or neutral colour tiles make your space appear larger and is a great option for narrow hallways or guest bathrooms. Dark colour tiles can be a stunning addition to your kitchen or open plan area where there is plenty of light shining through. Once you’ve decided on a colour, also consider your grout lines – they have a huge impact on the final result on whether your space looks smaller or larger. The more grout lines you have the busier your floor will look – this will make your space look even smaller. To help create a seamless look throughout your space, ensure your grout lines are spaced out evenly and the colour of your grout is similar to the colour of your tiles.  

Easy to Maintain

The residue is a common problem on all floors. If your house experiences heavy traffic, it is important to look for options that are easy to maintain and clean so that it continues to serve you for a long time to come. Especially in areas like your kitchen and living room, look for tiles that can be kept clean with minimum effort.  

Most Common Floor Tile – Ceramic or Porcelain

The main difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is how it is made. Both tiles are made from a clay mixture that’s fired up in the kiln, however, porcelain tile is made from a more superior clay and is fired at higher temperatures. This makes it denser and more durable than ceramic tiles. Whether in an area of the home that sees high traffic, such as hallways or kitchens, porcelain is the most heavy-duty. One another note, compared to other flooring options such as laminate floors or carpets, ceramic tiles still present a durable and hard-wearing choice.

These simple factors will help you streamline your choices and help you make the right flooring tile choice for your home. View our selection of floor tiles for sale.