Unique Bathroom Tile

Unique Bathroom Tile Style Ideas for Your Home

Unique Bathroom Tile
If you’re planning on remodelling your bathroom, selecting the right tiles is no longer as simple as you think. With the large variety of styles, shapes, texture and colours it can become overwhelming especially with there being so much to choose from. You don’t want to compromise on the style you want but you similarly don’t want to restrict the space in your bathroom. With your luck, there are many simple bathroom wall tiles style to choose from to help provide your home with its unique style. Planning is an essential part of any bathroom renovation from the layout to storage to flooring and not forgetting your unique tile style ideas. Today’s modern designs are different for each individual – when we think of tile style we think elegant and sleek yet simple. If you are looking for inspiration for bathroom wall tiles style ideas for your home you came to the right place.

Unique Bathroom Tile Style Ideas: 

Subway Tiles
Subway tiles are great for bathroom walls and they have been seen as a star element in many uses for bathroom renovations all around South Africa. You can use distinct colours or textured tiles to make a great feature on your wall. The reason why subway tiles are still so popular is it can still create the modern bathroom design you are looking for without costing you an arm or a leg. The glossy surface on subway tiles is mark resistant and is the easiest to maintain.

Mosaic Tiles
A great feature for a bath or shower that’s being renovated. They come in sheets of tiny square-shaped glass tiles and they come in a variety of shades too. If you want to improve the style of your bathroom you can start by choosing the colour theme and you don’t have to worry – mosaic tiles will look vibrant in any colour or light setting.

Geometric Tiles
Using geometric shaped tiles can transform any outdated bathroom into a spectacular work of art that will leave you fascinated. Using any geometric shaped or patterned tile can create a unique calmness in your bathroom. Unlike your kitchen, you have more options in your bathroom and you can create anything from a small featured wall with geometric tiles to an entire bathroom filled with bolder and larger patterned tiles. The most commonly used geometric tile is the hexagon tile shape creating the honeycomb effect but there are several other ways you can use this type of tiles.

Patterned Tiles
Patterned tiles have been a popular option for both kitchen and bathrooms. Decorating with patterned tiles you have the option to create your incredibly unique design using your preferred colours whether it is neutrals or bold colours – the choice is yours. Using these tiles correctly can help you add the wow factor to your bathroom.

How You Can Save Money Doing Your Bathroom Renovations

Use or buy second hand and sale items
Spend some time online and see where you can find a sale or second-hand items. You can also visit stores or local markets and you can keep an eye out for seasonal sales.

Do paintwork yourself
You can limit the amount of wall space that you decide to tile, that way you can paint the rest of your bathroom. Instead of hiring someone to do the paint job, you can do it yourself and save on some cash. You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room.

Choosing the right tile
Choosing the right tile is essential to any bathroom renovation. Using one of the above-mentioned tile style ideas – depending on your taste, style and budget.

Keep your plumbing as is
Always consider your budget, if you don’t want to spend much then it’s safer to leave your plumbing as is. You can always consider installing a new shower, bathtub or toilet when your budget allows it.

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