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Decor and Tiling Ideas for a New Home

Saving for years to have a new house and realizing the dream when it actually happens feels wonderful. Many people work all day to achieve their goals like to build or buy a house. The next step is deciding on the interior design and décor especially the basic elements of the house like the floors and walls. However, after reading this article you will have a few ideas to help you decide. 

As trends come and go, one material never seems to go out of style and that is ceramic. Ceramic tiles always find a place in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Also, it's suitable for different home styles and designs. It is classic, simplistic, and feasible. Ceramic tiles is a broad term that includes a variety of materials like porcelain and terracotta tiles. Both will give you a nice ground. 

If you are looking for the cheapest way to tile a floor, go with vinyl tiles. Vinyl is a quick and affordable solution when it comes to floor tile options. Also, it is suitable for children and pets. It doesn’t have to look cheap either if you choose interesting patterns and shapes. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for luxury and expensive flooring then natural stone floor tiles are a good option. These floors are considered the most expensive material because they must be quarried and shipped long distances. Stone flooring can tolerate heavy foot traffic, creates a naturally elegant look, doesn't attract dust, and can increase your home’s value.

There are many different stones floor suitable for houses like Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate, and Limestone. Marble is timeless and highly durable. Also, it's a good choice if you want an ambience of both luxury and antiquity. In addition, granite is a hard-edged stone with beautiful and natural grain. Black, pearl, green, and galaxy are the widely available granite colors. Sandstone is hard and warm at the same time; it gives the room a distinctive natural look with its rocky characteristics. Furthermore, slate is a wonderful porous stone. It is easy to cut and make into sheets. It is mostly available in gold, grey and black. Finally, limestone is soft, naturally porous and easy to clean. The elegance of the house is enhanced by the earthy appeal of its limestone floor.

To sum up, tiling your house’s floor with durable and beautiful tiles like ceramic and natural stone will help you to invest in your house and increase its value. Start now and take a step to choose your dream house tiles.

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