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Bathroom Butler 8501MBLK Paper Holder Type 1

The distinct square design of this stainless steel toilet paper holder with a classic round bar that holds one standard

Bathroom Butler 8504MBLK Spare Paper Holder

This distinct square design of our stainless steel spare toilet paper holder, not only adds to the beauty of this

Bathroom Butler 8510MBLK Single Robe Hook

This perfectly square stainless steel single robe hook is designed to hold a full size towel, robe or loofah, which

Bathroom Butler 8511MBLK Robe Hook Double

Our stainless steel double robe hook is perfectly square in design with a matching square cover plate. It has two

Bathroom Butler 8520MBLK Shower Rack 330mm

The modern, square design of this shower rack, with it’s sleek round bars will suit any contemporary and modern bathroom.

Bathroom Butler 8530MBLK Soap Rack

Our square stainless steel soap rack is perfectly symmetrical. The horizontal bars are spaced just enough to allow for water

Bathroom Butler 8532MBLK Tumbler Holder

Our glass tumbler & stainless steel holder with it’s modern, square design provides the ideal storage option for your toothbrushes

Bathroom Butler 8538MBLK Toilet Brush Holder

The wall mounted toilet brush & holder with a frosted glass bowl is finished off with the same square design

Bathroom Butler 8541MBLK Towel Ring Open

The square design of our open towel ring is suited to modern, contemporary bathrooms. The ring features straight lines, keeping

Bathroom Butler 8570MBLK Single Towel Rail 430mm

Our stainless steel single towel bar with its distinct square design in this 8500 series, is 17inches in width and

Bathroom Butler 8572MBLK Single Towel Rail 650mm

The combination of clean square and round design lines of our 25inch stainless steel single towel bar in this 8500

Bathroom Butler 8582MBLK Double Towel Rail 650mm

The modern, contemporary lines of the square posts, that hold two 25inch wide rails, make this double towel bar the

Bathroom Butler 8585MBLK Double Towel Rail 800mm

With square posts and round rails, this double towel rail will suit any modern, contemporary bathroom style. At 32 inches

Bathroom Butler Paper Holder Type 1

DESCRIPTION A toilet paper holder is one of the bathroom’s most essential items. A place to neatly store and hold

Bathroom Butler Paper Holder Type 2

DESCRIPTION A much needed accessory for your bathroom, the toilet paper holder keeps a roll handy and in place when

Bathroom Butler Paper Holder Type 3

DESCRIPTION Every toilet needs toilet paper and therefore also a toilet paper holder. The ideal toilet paper holder should be

Bathroom Butler Paper Holder Spare

DESCRIPTION One can always do with having a spare paper roll handy. A seldom considered necessity, the spare paper holder

Bathroom Butler Robe Hook Single

DESCRIPTION A Robe hook is a multi functional item that can be used in many areas of the home. Designed

Bathroom Butler Robe Hook Double

DESCRIPTION Adding robe hooks to your bathroom space is an easy fix for towel storage and wall space issues. They

Bathroom Butler Shower Rack 330mm

DESCRIPTION All your bath and body products that you use inside your shower can quickly make it look cluttered and