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Glass Design Polo Terra Ceramic Basin

Earth is the source of inspiration for colors and tactile sensation with bi-colour finishes and textural exteriors. The Terra di

Dado Soho 920 Pillar Basin

Feestanding Pillar Basin 400x400x920mm DADOquartz Material

Glass Design Flower Pert Basin Red

Flower countertop washbasin in Pert ® a technological polymer of extraordinary quality, combining a low specific weight with high mechanical

Globo Incantho Basin

For wall hung installation or sit-on installation on bases and structures

Dado Rio Large Basin

The story of rio Rio basin’s noticeable outward angles brings a cosmopolitan ambiance to any bathroom. Indulge in comfort and

Dado Dubai Freestanding Basin

The story of dubai Dubai basin is unavoidably striking with its simple and elegant shape. Well suited for any type

Dado London Freestanding Basin

The story of london London basin offers you everything you would expect from a chic, flexible design. Go classic or

Dado Amsterdam Freestanding Basin

The story of amsterdam Amsterdam basin combines two worlds into one. The rectangular shape is softened with curved edges to

Kohler Caravan Persia Basin

Decorative architecture and Moorish style define the distinctive Persia pattern. Striking open line work contrasts with geometric patterns, giving this

Kohler Aleo Dual Shower Column

Aleo Exposed 2-way Shower column combines single-handle control with thermostatic function creating a stunning, eye-catching faucet. Complete the bathroom with

Glass Design Dame Vetrofreddo Basin

Taking its inspiration from the eclectic and creative world of fashion, the new DAME free-standing basin –designed by Vincenzo Missanelli for Glass Design –ressembles

Glass Design Ice Oval Crystal Clear Basin

ICE OVAL is an oval countertop washbasin in pure transparent crystal 24% pb, hand-bevelled. The elegant transparency of crystal, expressed in

Glass Design Flower Evolution Vetrofreddo Basin Gold

FLOWER EVOLUTION it’s a free standing washbasin which takes its inspiration from the world of nature. Designer: Marco Pisati. Flower

Glass Design Ice Oval Crystal Gold Basin

ICE OVAL LUX was born from the classics crystal tradition. Craft grindings inspired by ice geometries give to the object

Glass Design Royal Absolute Basin

The new Royal Absolute washbasin by Glass Design is synonymous with elegant and individual bathing spaces where every detail is

Glass Design Tekno 40 Crystal Basin

The pinnacle of Gothic verticalization summarized and interpreted in this most aesthetic and introspective way, all summed up in a

Glass Design Scenic Ramada Ruby Red Crystal Basin

The symbiotic relationship between classical engraving and design innovation has created a basin that is luxurious, tantalising and magnificent. This

Glass Design Mode Lux Dark Inox Basin

Earth is the source of inspiration for colors and tactile sensation with bi-colour finishes and textural exteriors. The Terra di

Glass Design Marea Sink Basin Pink

Glass Design’s long-standing and profound knowledge of glass and crystal acts in perfect synergy with Karim Rashid’s daring artistic decorations