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Eco-Friendly Water Solutions


Despite most of us knowing that we live in a water-scarce country, the drought in the Western Cape a few years ago really highlighted how precious water is and how much we take it for granted.

When thinking of reducing water consumption most people immediately think of watering their gardens less or reducing evaporation from pools, however simple daily tasks such as washing dishes, flushing the toilet and showering use a lot of water.

Did you know that a dual flush cistern uses 3 litres for a half-flush and 6 litres for a full flush, whilst older single flush cisterns use nine to 11 litres per flush? Filling the sink to wash dishes uses between 15 and 18 litres and a top loader washing machine uses 120-150 litres on a normal cycle.

However as one of Lifestyle Ceramics core areas of business is creating beautiful bathrooms and kitchens with the finest finishes, we are mainly concerned with finding fittings for these areas that will help save water.

A shower with an old-style showerhead uses approximately 19 litres per minute which means a 10 minute shower could use up to 190 litres of water.

The team at Lifestyle Ceramics are always looking for products that are beautiful and smart and Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology ticks both boxes.

Hansgrohe shower mixers and taps are equipped with EcoSmart technology that consumes up to 60% less water than conventional products. Moreover, they also lower hot water consumption reduces the energy requirement.

Using the EcoSmart fittings reduces water consumption to 9 l/min on overhead and hand showers and taps only use five litres of water per minute as standard.

The EcoSmart Technology also comes with other benefits including:

  • Decreased hot water consumption, and reduced energy consumption and costs accordingly.
  • Lower CO2 emissions due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Constant flow rate, even at different water pressures.
  • A real treat, even with a low flow rate – a full, bubbling jet of water thanks to the enrichment with air.

The new Pulsify hand shower is available in an EcoSmart version (right in picture).

The above picture shows that despite less water volume, the microfine PowderRain spray is still full and soothing.

How does it work?

Basically the EcoSmart technology works by adding air and by using a special flow limiter. The EcoSmart aerator is built into the spout of the basin tap and enriches the water with air. The result: a full, bubbling jet of water. A “precision elastomer” guarantees constant performance and a consistently powerful water jet, even when the water pressure fluctuates. It limits the flow, thus constantly conserving drinking water.

Take a look at these two videos to see how the EcoSmart technology works in hand in handshowers and taps: 

Lifestyle Ceramics stocks several Hansgrohe products which make sue of the EcoSmart technology as well as a full range of other Hansgrohe products. For further information and advice on what floor tiles would best suit your needs contact us here.