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Aqua Decor Polished Slab 1200x2600mm

Wanderlust Four Seasons Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Wanderlust Siberian Malachite Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Atlantis Gold Polished Slab 1000x3000mm

Atlantis Gold Matt Slab 1000x3000mm

Wanderlust Agata Blue Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Wanderlust Onice Brown Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Wanderlust Dark Cosmo Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Wanderlust Agata Multicolor Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Rock Salt Danish Smoke Matt Slab 1200x2400mm

Rock Salt Maui Green Matt Slab 1200x2400mm

Rock Salt White Gold Matt Slab 1200x2400mm

Cosmopolitan Statuario Fantastico Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Patagonia Polished Slab 1200x2700mm

Cosmopolitan White Crystal Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Dream Jungle Matt Slab 1200x2780mm

Dream Navy Blue Matt Slab 1200x2780mm

Dream Sage Matt Slab 1200x2780mm

Dream Woods Matt Slab 1200x2780mm

Jewel 11 Black Gold Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Massa Matt Slab 2400x1200mm

Purity of Marble Paradiso Polished Slab 1200x2780mm

Reverso Black Matt Slab 1200x2400mm

Reverso Grigio Matt Slab 1200x2400mm

Slab Tiles
Lifestyle Ceramics provides luxury slab tiles from premium, international brands. All tiles are chosen for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Lifestyle Ceramics’ slab tile collections have been cautiously selected from the very best European tile and slab suppliers. Following the trend in the use of very large slab sizes, our collections offers innovative designs of exceptional quality. Our slab tiles are available in large format sizes, of up to 3 x 1.5 metres, that are suitable for almost any application.

Do you have a wall or floor space that would be just perfect for a large, slab tile? Slab tiles are a relatively unique option that provides many practical benefits, including:

  • Sturdiness and sustainability
  • Affordable
  • Unique Look
  • Easy to clean
  • Many designs to choose from
  • Easy to waterproof
  • Easy to install

From the advantages mentioned above, it’s easy to see why these tiles are becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners and interior designers alike.

A Diverse Range of Designs

At Lifestyle Ceramics, we aim to provide our customers with a wide range of slab tile designers, so that there is something to everyone’s taste. Currently we have over a dozen slabs for you to choose from.

These slab options come in a range of different colours, sizes, textures and designs as well. While we do have a few simple designs in stock, we personally recommend using these tiles as a featured piece in your home or office as they are quite a bold choice.

Looking for the perfect design? Speak to one of our assistants to help guide you in choosing the perfect slab tile piece for your design.

Why Slab Tiles?

Why go with a full slab instead of the traditional, smaller floor tiles or wall tiles? Full slab panels provide an exclusive and seamless look for both floor and wall applications. This trend is exceptionally popular in Europe because of the unified, unbroken look, as well as the fact that these slab panels are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Get in contact with the Lifestyle Ceramics team today, and order the slab tiles of your dreams!